5 reasons to utilize the power of social media in recruitment strategy

5 reasons to use the power of social media in recruitment strategy

social media in recruitment strategy

Harnessing the power of social media in recruitment strategy is a new age concept. Apart from using for promoting products and services, organizations and individuals even use to increase brand awareness. In the days to come, potential candidates will be recruited from talent databases of social media platforms. Statistics say 92% of recruiters use social media while recruiting. In this blog, we will see the top five reasons that will utilize the power of social media in a modern-day recruitment strategy.

1.It is Convenient, Quick and Cost-Efficient 

The use of social media as a recruitment tool is convenient, quick, and cost-efficient. Nearly 25% of job seekers admit that they are using social media to seek career opportunities. Information nowadays travels at electrifying speed. As soon as a job vacancy is published on social media, it is shared on various social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. With the rise of Whatsapp and Facebook groups, reaching out to potential candidates and vice versa has become a lot easier. The acceptance of social media in the recruitment strategy has opened a new dimension in the hiring technique. In a way, both candidates and recruiters can easily interact with each other more quickly and less formally. The time to hire and cost incurred is comparatively less as compared to the traditional methods like online recruitment, or employee referrals. 

2.Brand Awareness 

 From the job seeker's point of view, it is essential to know about the company that is hiring them. As candidates, we always have a desire to work with the greatest of the brands. But, at times, many companies whether big or small, don't have a website through which you can judge them. But, in order to maintain their presence online having a social media page is of utmost importance. In those scenarios, utilizing social media in recruitment strategy becomes handy. A job seeker with keen interest in a particular job profile use social media to get more information and do research of the companies they are interested in.


 With the onset of social media platforms, it has become easier for recruiters to gauge the personality of the candidates even without meeting them in person. Generally, within the boundaries of an organization, an employee will try to keep up to his/her best of their behavior and character. That's where his/her true character is not tested. What matters is how the person behaves in the outside their professional environment. Social media as a recruiting strategy can either make or break your job. Research states that 61% of the hiring managers found something that they didn't like on a job seeker's social media account. Infact, 55% of the hiring managers even reconsidered their decision to hire based on the nature and behaviour of the candidate in social media. Hiring Managers now has a preference to use social media for recruitment. It is evident in the last 5 years where it has grown up to 54%. To look the other way round, 67% of the job seekers are using social media platforms to gain insights into the company culture.

4.Reach Passive Candidates 

 Traditional recruiting is a lengthy and time-consuming process. Sometimes, while following the traditional hiring process, companies do miss out on hiring some potential talents, who are not even aware of particular hiring. They are called "passive candidates" and not open for a job change. Either they are pursuing some job or are reluctant to change. But, if they come across an interesting opening online related to their skill set they are most likely to avail the same. This is because every single individual wants to grow and excel in life. Social media for recruiting candidates is a very crucial role for the professional well being of the job seekers. Around 55% of the recruiters use LinkedIn whereas 87% use Facebook when looking for potential candidates for their organizations. 

5.Better Candidate Screening 

 Organizations too are utilizing social media platforms to the optimum level. They are now using social media websites to review their candidate's background before selecting them for the interview. Social media in recruitment strategy is becoming increasingly popular as candidates are willingly including social media links in their resume for the recruiters. Social media platforms act as "Free Spaces" where everyone can freely express their views and opinions. 

There might be chances that potential hiring managers might be following their candidate as it provides them a deeper view of a candidate's personality before hiring them. Final Lines Utilizing social media in recruitment strategy thus opens the door to engagement to a wider range of potential candidates from across the globe. Some recruiters believe that conversations on social media are far better than one-to-one interviews. Thus, you have just learned about some of the best social media recruitment strategies that must be set in place by organizations as the benefits are more than the odds.