Few tips for making a job inquiry in a company

Few tips for making a job inquiry in a company

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Are you a job seeker looking for a great career opportunity in your dream organization but not sure how you can approach them? Then this blog post is for you. If you have recently graduated and want to start a new job suitable to your skills and abilities, you need to read this blog!

Sometimes, it happens that you find no such advertised job openings that perfectly suits your skills or sometimes it does not match your expectation at all. So you just research for the companies that hire fresher like you.

And that’s when you make a job inquiry in a company that you think can be your next professional destination. There are several ways of doing this. You can call them, send an email to them, or you can also send letters. There are many proactive approaches to directly contact them rather than sitting and waiting for advertised openings.

You should write them with an appealing approach. A good and quality writing can grab the eyes of the recruiter. You should be aware of some of the effective strategies before writing the inquiry letter, or job inquiry email. Today we will share some of the tips for making a job inquiry in a company. Your application will stand out from others who have applied for a job.

What is a job inquiry letter or email?

When you have decided to send a job inquiry, you would obviously want it to be catchy so that the hiring manager can be impressed. A job inquiry letter or email is nothing but a kind of approach to know about the hiring process of the company along with submitting your resume to them. So, it is obvious that it needs to be written in quality language highlighting all the necessary details of your skills, degrees, and achievement.

There are some companies that do not post advertised openings, even if they have openings. They usually seek candidates who are eager to work with them. You can take the chance here, by impressing the hiring manager and let them know about your interest in working with them. Job inquiry is a kind of tool which is extremely useful for both employees and employer. You need to write to them and request them to share some important information regarding job openings that suits your profile. It will be going to help you even if there is no such job opening at the moment. It will help them to hire you whenever they have a vacancy in their company. Your interest can be conveyed to them if you incorporate some useful strategies, and writing styles.

The benefit of writing a job inquiry letter

Writing an inquiry letter helps in building a connection with the company. They will get to know that your eagerness is genuine. They will about your worthiness. If they think that you are eligible, then they might contact you when there is a vacancy.

Useful tips for making a job inquiry in a company

· Finding a contact person

It can be more beneficial if you include a specific name to whom you can address. Mentioning someone specific can drive the attention of the recruiter. They will soon realize your efforts and interest.  Other applicants might have mentioned that same old “Respected Ma’am or Respected Sir”. To know whom to address, you might research a little. Nowadays, you can get anything and everything from Google. So make some time to research about the company to know whom to address. There are also various sites where you can directly ask them, and you can expect to get an answer, maybe from some of the employees who already work there, applied for a job, or used to work in the company. You can also research social media. You can even ask your relatives, friends, or family who might have worked there or are still working.

· Writing the job inquiry email or letter

Firstly, include the name of that specific person in the salutation. That approach can surely grab the attention of the hiring manager. Then you have to follow a specific format.

· Things to include

ü Include the source of getting information about that company

ü Write why you are eager to work here, or what interests you to join the company

ü Tell them how you can utilize your skills, and the degree to develop the company if you are actually hired

ü Appreciate them for making time to read your job inquiry letter

ü Do not forget to give your contact details

Format for job inquiry email

Subject Line




Your name

 Format for job inquiry letter

Your Name

Contact details/Address


Company Name





Your name and signature

So these are some of the useful job inquiry tips for making a job inquiry letter or email. We hope that you find it useful enough. Follow us for more information like this!