Role of recruitment agencies in the current gig labour market

Role of recruitment agencies in the current gig labour market

Gig Economy Labour Market

The days were gone when people would cling to one job for most of their life. The gig economy labour market is providing jobs to 1.2 million part-time labourers according to the Employment and Recruitment Confederation. Recruitment agencies have made it easy for modern workers to secure a short term job with the utilization of the internet and online platforms.

These recruitment agencies set forth social, business, and cultural evolution. It is estimated that approx five million people are employed in the UK with the utilization of the gig economy labour market. The gig economy has developed by more than 70% since 2010 in London without any signs of diminishing. India in 2021 has around 15 million freelancers paying their parts in the gig economy. Recruitment agencies have turned themselves into vehicles that drive desperate employees to employers across the world. They understand the new age of instability in the Gig Economy Labour Market. Without any further delay, let’s check out the role of recruitment agencies in the current gig labour market.

Recruitment consultant embraces technological aids

The gig economy in the Indian labour market workforce is not only just tech-led but tech-savvy too. They are able to interact with various businesses at different times with the utilization of electronic gadgets. Therefore, embracing the appropriate mobile-centric software creates the temporary hiring process hassle-free.

However,  especially, the pandemic caused by  Covid-19 has changed the entire scenario of business not only in India but across the world. Forced remote working culture drives around 42% of Indians firm to offer work from home to their employees. More than 40% of HR managers have agreed that the need for technological innovations leads companies to hire a recruitment agency for the labour market.

Serving a perfect solution to the present scenario

In 2021, India stands in a situation where 135 people may lose their jobs due to a pandemic. Recruitment agencies are playing a great role to guide people towards skill building so that they can explore huge freelancing opportunities and be a part of the growing gig culture. A gig worker gets the freedom of jobs. It can be 9 to 5 jobs or on-demand work. Pandemic predicts that Indian’s gig economy touches $455 in the next three years.

The present covid-19 situation pushes conventional workforces towards Gig Economy Labour Market. Indian workforce with the assistance of the Recruitment Consultants is adding around four million people every year. The growth of digital marketing in India has served millions of people jobs in different genres.

This gig economy is taking over due to digitalization

The gig economy initiates 75% of the virtual workforce throughout the world. The U.S has around 53 millions digital labourers. However, the growth of digitalisation in India and its huge manpower predicts that India will cross the US in the next three or four years. Well, it has been reported that 53% of telecommuters work for more than 40 hours in a week as compared to non-telecommuters (, 2020). The recruitment Agency Process creates these more real-time opportunities for workers through digitalization.

There are approx 15 million gig workers in India who belong to online platforms. The most amazing part is that approximately 56% of new employment is created by recruitment agencies. Manufacturing, retail, construction, transportation and logistics hold major types of gig workers.

Delivery boys and consultants are also the leading part of this gig economy. Workers possess the flexibility to do work for more than one contractor in this situation. They can also opt for working in hours. It has compelled women in labour force participation (, 2020). However, apart from the assistance of Recruitment Agencies, Bloggers, Vloggers, Youtubers, Independent filmmakers and Artists are also paying a great part in the Indian Gig Economy Labour Market that mostly relies on digital platforms.

Final Note:

The gig economy in the Indian Labour Market creates a sustainable way of earring for the millions of people every year in which Recruitment Agencies are taking a crucial part. In a country like India, the scope of the Gig Economy can touch the momentum. Utilizing the advanced Functions Of Recruitment In the Labour Market, the employees of Recruitment Agencies are creating more scope for jobs seekers. Gig Economy Labour Market can bring the end to the theory of ‘Work more, earn less’.