How to manage employee wellbeing while working from home

How to manage employee wellbeing while working from home

 Covid-19 has taught us that life is not as easy as we imagine. It is full of obstacles. Now, the winner is one who can overcome these obstacles by maintaining a positive attitude. The same theory is applicable to every working sector. After 2020, the term ‘Remote Working’ or ‘Working from Home’ has been a common word.  

We understand that companies’ directors are facing several issues in maintaining the working etiquette and ethics in all the employees but on the other hand, many employees are also facing several issues like loneliness, isolation, anxiety, and depression, etc. These issues will ultimately lead to lethargy in work. So, we need to do something that can maintain a balance in all the employees working remotely. Let’s have a look at 4 easy practices that help in managing employee’s well-being as well as the company’s growth even in this pandemic period.

Allocate deadlines but be flexible from your side

When employees are working from home, it is hard to keep a record of their work. So, allocating a deadline is paramount. But we all know that it is a Covid-19 situation, many employees may be going through excessive stress and anxiety. In this situation, employees expect a little more flexibility from their organization. The situation is already bad for everyone but excessive stress and tension about work may make the situation worse. Be strict but flexible.

Try to draw a line between work and personal space

Technology enables us to get in touch with everyone. But what happens is that employees have to be responsive at any time to prove that they are working. Assume that you are an employee who is working tirelessly to prove his or her efficiency. However, you notice that your mobile is going to be dead without charge and you put your mobile in another room to get it charged. At that time, your team leader calls you and you can’t pick up the phone.

Boom! You have made a great mistake. At these moments, employers should communicate and understand the employee’s situation rather than putting more pressure. Try to bring out the fullest working from home benefits, not the burden.

Listen to your employees rather than just imposing your Ideas

Everyone has their ideas and point of views. Working from Home is a great opportunity to utilize fresh ideas and execute more productivity. Don’t be stiff. Listen to what your employee wants to say and give them scope to speak. It not only motivates them but is also a good sign for a company's growth. Be a partner in work and share ideas rather than just being boss. Communicate and discuss.

You can arrange an online wellness program

Everyone is working remotely. You are no exception. We never suggest you make a gathering in a month in this pandemic. The better way is to organize an online mental wellness programme in a week or 2 or 3 times a month. It can include yoga,  and meditation, including healing courses that are a great practice to release anxiety and pressure. It is a great chance for you and your employees to be calm and relaxed. Set an example and turn working from home into a good memory.

Final Note

The above-mentioned is only an overview of some basic ideas but you can customize the practices depending on your company’s strength and condition. Try to keep a healthy relationship with your employees who are working from home. However, if you are running an organization and facing issues to organize working from home, you may contact us to get the most effective idea on how to work from home.

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