4 ways employee recreation activities help in bonding at the workplace

Four ways employee recreation activities helps in bonding at workplace


Every employer thinks about how they can get the best out of their employees and it’s very natural. When you are paying someone to do a job for you, naturally you expect the best performance from them. However, one thing employers often miss is to see the court from the employee’s point of view. Tell me “Do you like to have the same food every day?” Certainly not! You need some changes to the menu.

Similarly, employee recreation activities work like a change in the dogged work culture. It doesn’t only break tedious work ethics but also improves productivity and relation between employees and you. Let’s have a look at the top 4 ways how employee engagement activities enhance productivity and bonding at the workplace.

Be informed about employee’s hobbies

Learning about your employee’s hobbies is the first step to arrange employee recreation activities. You may arrange the same game every year to break the ice but it may not work. As every individual may have different hobbies and interests, learning about their hobbies helps you to build a boss-employee bonding. You can arrange a questionnaire that may include questions like:

     What is your passion?

     Are you interested in art and music? If yes, what kinds of music do you like the most?

     What do you do in your free time? 

These are some basic questions. You may select the questions at your convenience.

Present a way to unleash their creativity

This procedure is closely associated with the first one. Some may like sports or some other employees may like a painting. You may even find that different employees have different music taste. Some may like soothing, traditional music or some others may be fond of Hip-hop. Learning about their hobbies is not enough. You have to give them a stage to perform.

     If they get a chance to perform, they can get rid of the stress.

     Employee recreation activities offer an employee a chance to fulfil their latent dream.

     It plays a vital part to create employees’ bond with the employers.

Few truths and lies

It is one of the most popular employee recreation activities. Almost everyone hears about this.

     This game offers a chance for employees to open up.

     As every participant has to say something about themselves and others have to guess, this game is great for team-building activities.

     This game can be played in small to large groups.

Reward groups or individual

Who doesn’t like to be rewarded? Giving rewards is the final part of employee recreation activities.

     It helps an employee or a group to stay motivated.

     When employees are motivated and happy, it boosts the productivity of the employees.

     It makes the working environment easy that increases individual’s performances on their project.

Rewards don’t always need to be physical; you may even provide e-certificates. However, your ultimate motto is to give them a break and offer them a chance to know each other well. Try to arrange some group activities.

Final Note

The above-mentioned is an overview of the top 4 ways that you can utilize to make employee recreation activities more interesting. Arranging employee recreation activities help employees to feel relaxed and breaks the usual monotony of work. Such thoughtful and recreational breaks bring delight and smile to an employee’s face. These activities also bring in creativity, laughter and bonding among the different departments of an organization.