Coronavirus outbreak and its effect on the recruitment industry

Coronavirus outbreak and its effect on the recruitment industry


Recruitment industry

As Coronavirus is a new virus, no vaccines, and drugs have been discovered. The coronavirus scare is spreading all over the world. The only way to limit the spreading of coronavirus is to cut down the chain of transmission and this arose the concept of complete lockdown.  This lockdown causes the complete shutdown of the industry and economyworldwide. Due to this, the global economysufferedfrom a critical economic depression. All the industries and their productions came to a halt.  As there was no expansion in business hence no new recruitment in any industry. The recruitment industry came into a standby position or rather you may see a dull future of recruitment industry.


The recruitment industry is the industrial sector that searches and selects new talents for a specific job role in a company or organization. Recruitment industry India is much needed in today’s busy world as it saves the time of the companies to search and recruit talents for the company. With the help of this recruitment industry, you can concentrate more on the productive side that can lead to the growth of your company.


Trends in the Recruitment Industry:

Do you want to know about the latest recruitment trends? No matter what and how the trend is, going with the trend is always beneficial. By comprehending the industrial trends, as a recruiter, it will be beneficial for you to allocate the resources easily and effectively. Not only this, but you can also be competitive in filling up the job openings by new talents.


Recruitment statistics are on a decline due to the complete lockdown for the outbreak of COVID-19. Today more than 47 % of the people have lost their jobs for coronavirus. Most of the companies are firing their employees as India is facing an economic crisis. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many people are jobless today. 


Challenges faced in the Recruitment Industry for Coronavirus outbreak:

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, industries are facing lots of challenges in recruitment like:

1.   Negative Impact on Employees: Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, most of the companies have been landed up in firing their employees instead of hiring. In recent research of the Global Risk Management and Advisory, it is seen that approx. 42 % of companies were completely shut down and theywere bound to terminate their employees.

2.      Lockdown of the industries: Whether it is a recruitment industry or any other type of industry, all industries were shut down due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Among these the worst sectors were aviation, tourism, recreation, finance and realty.

3.      Manpower has been lessened: Due to COVID19 outbreak and subsequent lockdown, companies were bound to cut down their operational costs. Many companies were no longer in a position to keep their business afloat and had to closed down permanently. Job cuts became one of the necessities to meet their break-even. New Recruitments were stopped as there hiring managers saw no positive signs of expansion in business. Many companies cut their manpower costs to sustain in the hard-hit economic crisis.

How Recruitment Technology Trends are being implemented?

A few new aspects in recruitment were seen during COVID19 outbreak. One of this is online hiring. Few companies who have the knowledge and digital operations, conducted most of the interviews online. In few incidences, it was difficult to judge the candidates’ potentiality for a particular position. But a hiring manager can overcome such issues with new recruitment strategies using digital platforms. So, to understand and judge the candidates, hiring manager practiced some Recruitment Technology Trends. The current trends in recruitment that can be used are:

1.      Gamification and Virtual Reality (VR): Recruiting technology trends has become a part of the recruitment industry. Gamification and Virtual Reality are surprisingly improving the recruitment procedure. With the help of these two new technologies, you can understand how a candidate will be reacting to any current issues or situations.  

2.      Increasing the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI): In Outbound Recruiting, the recruiters of the recruitment industry generally search for the candidates and contact them but in Inbound Recruiting, the recruiters make use of various digital marketing strategies to make job seekers involve for a long period of time. But with the use of AI you easily detect the nervousness of all the candidates during the interview.


Overall, it has been seen that for the COVID-9 outbreak recruitment industries are facing lots of challenges in recruiting new talent. However, these challenges can be overcome just by making use of Recruitment Technology Trends while taking interviews over video calls or utilizing the features presented by various digital platforms. Although, in late 2020, few sectors in the global economy is recovering yet a recruitment industry has an uphill task of searching the jobs for millions of job seekers.

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